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CD - "Eyes on the Water"
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Updated: Jan 18, 2017


Upcoming Performances

  • 3rd Street Fri - Oct 20, 2017 8pm
    Note: Our drummer will be a few days out of surgery and will not be playing on this night. We'll do our best to keep time without him.

    3rd Street Coffeehouse
    Intimate setting - Great place to play and a great place to listen to music.

    Corner of Mountain Ave and 3rd St.
    Roanoke, VA.

  • Nazareth Hall Dec 24, 2017 8pm

    Ghost of Christmas Past Concert
    We'll be playing our incomplete repertoire of Ghost of Christmas Past Tunes

    Nazareth Hall.
    Nazareth, PA.

    Limited seating, make your reservations early.


Other Stuff

May 6, 2016 -
Harvester Performance Center, Rocky Mount, VA

Harvester Website Poster


Apr 18, 2015 -
Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd, VA


The Panini Brothers