The Panini Brothers - Eyes on the Water - Released May 20, 2015

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Track #Song TitleSongwriterLength30 Sec Clip
1 Better Way Larry Sakayama3:18
2 Taggin' Along Chip Conway4:31
3 Still Got My Money on You Mike DeGiorgi3:23
4 Procrastination Blues Larry Sakayama2:40
5 Nine Lives Chip Conway4:05
6 Missing You Larry Sakayama3:31
7 No Dancin' at the Dudley Mike DeGiorgi3:35
8 When Every Morning Comes Chip Conway3:23
9 Love at the OK Corral Mike DeGiorgi3:09
10 I Just Want to Play Like That Larry Sakayama4:30
11 Everything Comes in Its Own Time Mike DeGiorgi3:51
12 Winding Waters Blues Mark Earnhardt3:57
13 Eyes on the Water Chip Conway6:29
14 Road Dog Blues Mike DeGiorgi3:08


Produced by The Panini Brothers . . .pointer

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Harold Thompson
Blackwater Recording, Inc.
Wirtz, VA

Chip ConwayElectric guitar, vocals
Mike DeGiorgiAcoustic guitar, bass, vocals
Mark EarnhardtKeyboard, vocals
Larry SakayamaAcoustic guitar, bass, vocals
Scott ThomasDrums, percussion


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