The Panini Brothers - Everything Comes in Its Own Time
Music and Lyrics by Mike DeGiorgi (2014)

The Players
Mike DeGiorgi - Lead, vocal, acoustic guitar
Chip Conway - Electric guitar
Mark Earnhardt - Keyboard
Larry Sakayama - Bass guitar
Scott Thomas - Hand Drums

Everything Comes in Its Own Time (Copyright 2014 Mike DeGiorgi)

I waste away on sultry days
Smell of rain is everywhere
Watch you on a lonely beach
Breeze playing with your long brown hair
You don't even see me
That's perfectly fine
Cause everything comes in its own time

I always nail the small details
Each nuance is a future chance
I'll catalogue your every move
Cause it has to feel like happenstance
I'll keep my distance
And wait for a sign
Everything comes in its own time

There's a growing shadow in your life
Are you aware that someone's there
In your dreams at night

You sip a daiquiri in back of me
I turn and catch a teasing glance
I manipulate, so we can call it fate
It’s the only way I have a chance
Spontaneous romance
So hard to find
But everything comes in its own time