The Panini Brothers - Eyes on the Water
Music and Lyrics by Chip Conway (2007)

The Players
Chip Conway - Lead vocal, electric guitar
Mike DeGiorgi - Acoustic guitar
Larry Sakayama - Harmony vocal, bass guitar
Mark Earnhardt - Keyboard
Scott Thomas - Hand drums

Eyes on the Water (Copyright 2007 Chip Conway)

Sun stays low this time of year
shadows get long, there’s a bite to the air
boys become men, their sweat’s not so sweet
trials by heat are no longer there

Blackness of black is what he’ll fear
and eyes on the water will draw him near
the boy talks, but the words aren’t to blame
eyes get bright, and the night gets clear

Talk to me son, tell me you’re name
tell me brother, what you think I’ll hear
truth is, you’re all just the same
look in these eyes, you best stay clear

Darkness comes sooner this time of year
the boys can’t do it and the men shed no tears
it’s boys who curse what they don’t know
and eyes on the water will still see their fear