The Panini Brothers - Love at the OK Corral
Music and Lyrics by Mike DeGiorgi (2014)

The Players
Mike DeGiorgi - Lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Chip Conway - Electric guitar
Larry Sakayama - Harmony vocal, bass guitar
Mark Earnhardt - Keyboard
Scott Thomas - Drums

Love at the OK Corral (Copyright 2014 Mike DeGiorgi)

We load all our rage into fast shootin’ guns
Then we fire at will like it's all just in fun
Bitter hard enemies
Then the very best pals
It's like we fell in love… at the OK Corral

I take aim at you and you shoot back at me
And whoever's around just hides invisibly
There's no backin’ down
And there ain’t no cryin’ foul
Cause we fell in love… at the OK corral

Wounds made from secrets revealed
With no hope they ever will heal
Come see shootouts in very strange places
We’re outlaws in love…at 20 paces

We’re caustic and loud but really, no one gets hurt
We don’t need your help, don’t need no Wyatt Earp
Join in or depart
On the stage leavin’ town
We’re happy hangin’ right here at the OK Corral
So dark and perfectly clear…at the OK Corral
We’ll be here same time next year… at at the OK Corral