The Panini Brothers - Missing You
Music and Lyrics by Larry Sakayama (2010)

The Players
Larry Sakayama - Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Mark Earnhardt - Harmony vocal, keyboard
Chip Conway - Electric guitar
Scott Thomas - Drums

Missing You (Copyright 2010 Larry Sakayama)

Quiet night, streetlights dim
I see Bobby, nah, that ain’t him
And I’m missing you

AC hums on a window sill
Couples stroll like couples will
And I’m missing you

Bridge 1
Been so long, day by day
Can’t recall that thing you’d say
Been a while - heard that tune
Contemplate the August moon

Taxi runs a midnight fare
Nighthawks dream, I sit and stare
Missing you

Bridge 2
Been so long, no one there
Wish and hope without a prayer
Been a while, still somehow
I’ll get it right, but not right now

Lonely night, who would guess?
Nighthawks dream but I digress
I’m missing you