The Panini Brothers - Nine Lives
Music and Lyrics by Chip Conway (2011)

The Players
Chip Conway - Lead vocal, electric guitar
Mike DeGiorgi - Acoustic guitar
Mark Earnhardt - Keyboard
Larry Sakayama - Harmony vocal, bass guitar
Scott Thomas - Drums

Nine Lives (Copyright 2011 Chip Conway)

You say that I’m your man
But today I’m just not in your plans
Well I’ve got time so tell me what’s on your mind
Don’t hide those eyes you must think I’m blind

You know that I live for you
But you’re so cold don’t know what else I can do
Ain’t got no tricks to warm your soul
It ain’t in my game and I’m feelin’ the fool

So please oh please just cut me loose
In time I’ll find my way from you
Try try as I might it’s simply no use
Kills me to say it but just please please just cut me loose

I’ll get by cause I’ve been here before
I won’t die I’ll just come back for more
Woman don’t you see you can bury me
But I’ve got nine lives them other cats ain’t got nothin’ on me