line Road Dog

The Panini Brothers - Road Dog Blues
Music and Lyrics by Mike DeGiorgi (2013)

The Players
Mike DeGiorgi - Lead, vocal, acoustic guitar
Chip Conway - Harmony vocal, electric guitar
Mark Earnhardt - Harmony vocal, keyboard
Larry Sakayama - Harmony vocal, bass guitar
Scott Thomas - Drums

Road Dog Blues (Copyright 2013 Mike DeGiorgi)

Smelled that coon up in a tree
Forgot about my pack
The slightest opportunity
And I ain’t comin’ back
Open road in front of me
Another life behind
Flyin' like a honey bee
And sleepin' in the pines

I got them road dog
Road dog
I got them road dog blues

Bridge 1
I had a name
I had my own bed
My nose is to blame
But I can't help it, that's just the way I's bred

Looking for some food to eat
My nose stays on the ground
Never saw those two big feet
Man put me in the pound
I know the game, I've played before
They'll find me a new home
And I’ll wag my tail, Lay on the floor
Chew on those plastic bones


Bridge 2
I sure loved those kids
They called me Red
I regret what I did
But I can't help it
That’s just the way I's bred

I got them road dog
Road dog
I got them road dog blues

I'll be loving and kind
But I'm just biding my time
'Cause I got them road dog blues