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The Panini Brothers - Winding Waters Blues
Music and Lyrics by Mark Earnhardt (2011)

The Players
Mark Earnhardt - Lead vocal, keyboard
Chip Conway - Electric guitar
Mike DeGiorgi - Harmony vocal, acoustic guitar
Larry Sakayama - Harmony vocal, bass guitar
Scott Thomas - Drums

Winding Waters Blues (Copyright 2011 Mark Earnhardt)

I moved to the lake, a couple of years ago,
I left my old job, I knew that it was time to go,
I live in winding waters, where most-the people move real slow

I’ve got the winding water blues, blue as I can be,
I grew my hair long, now my neighbors talkin ‘bout me,
They say, look ahere boy, why can’t you be like me?

I’ve got the winding water blues
I’ve got the winding water blues
I pay my neighborhood dues
I’ve got the winding water blues
When you live in winding waters,
Life is really good to you

There’s a nice old guy who lives just across the way,
His name is Erv, at least that’s what he say,
And he don’t go out to eat much-he says it's too much to pay

We got some Daves and Dicks, we got some Franks and a couple of Rons
We got some guys named Joe, we got some guys that will answer to Don
And we got the big four... we got Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John